Sunday, August 5, 2012

Divinorum Psychonauticus: A Guide to the Scariest Paranormal / Ghost-Hunting TV Shows

From Erich Kuersten at Divinorum Psychonauticus, reviews of several of our favorite (or favorite like to dislike) ghost hunting shows. I don't agree with all that's said here but that's not the point. (I do share his opinion of Amy Allen and The Dead Files and Chip Coffey Fun and interesting and well written. I do like, of course, the comments regarding debunkers. For example:
 I'm so bored of debunkers. It's like who cares? Do you really think people can't tell the difference between a gust of wind and a spirit? Most people know, and it's not your job to just presume no one is as smart as you are, that's not what a ghost hunter is. Frankly, whenever there's too much attention to debunking I smell a con.

Or, this:
If you deign to do the research and really check facts and testimonies and history, supernatural phenomena abound upon the Earth and you realize when some smug rationalist or science major calls it all a lot of bunk he's just showing the level of calcification in his worldview scope, his fear of the unknown and willingness to doubt the word of others when they conflict with his idea of how the world works: until something supernatural has happened to him he doesn't believe it, just like illegal drugs are evil unless he tries them, or is anti-gay marriage unless he has a lesbian daughter, or is anti-immigration unless he was raised by the maid.

But that's not at all what Erich's piece is about -- just slamming debunkers -- not at all. My glee while reading his comments comes from my own indulgent I-love-to-bash-skeptoids wont.

It's a really enjoyable overview of several of the paranormal shows out there, whether or not you share the same opinions of the some of the shows or their hosts.

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