Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ancient Aliens: Puma Punku

Last night's episode of Ancient Aliens revisited Puma Punku in Bolivia. Of all the ancient and mysterious sites on this planet that strongly suggest an alien influence, Puma Punku is the most startling and dramatic to support extraterrestrial life on earth.

Fascinating images, buildings and locations the world over, but all, regardless of the variety of those things, still feel "human." Even with an ET influence on whatever levels, there is a familiarity, no matter how distant. But Puma Punku; the artifacts there seem truly "other" to me. If anything shouts "aliens were here dummy" Puma Punku shouts the loudest.

Go here for slide show of images at Puma Punku:Ancient Aliens — Photo Galleries

Monday, March 5, 2012

Is PayPal Censoring Writers?

Self-publishers accuse PayPal of censorship - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent
The opening bedroom scene of Andrea Juillerat-Olvera's new, erotic science-fiction novel Demon's Grace is a classic of its kind. "He is on his knees," it begins, "worshiping the cavernous female torso."

Sadly, for admirers of Juillerat-Olvera, it's about to get harder to enjoy her fruity pose. In what victims are calling the most far-reaching act of censorship of the internet era, Demon's Grace and thousands of books like it have just been effectively banned. To blame is the online payment company PayPal, which has a virtual monopoly over the business of allowing cash transfers to be made via the internet.

The US firm has come to dominate online self-publishing, a rapidly expanding industry which allows authors sell ebooks directly to readers. Last week, without warning, PayPal wrote to every major self-publishing website, announcing that henceforth it will refuse to process payments for clients that sell books which contain certain types of what it regards as "obscene" content.