Thursday, June 28, 2012

New UFO show: 'Chasing UFOs' on Nat Geo

I'm already put off but that's being bigoted since I haven't seen the show. I'm put off because of the usual glitz and crap. Resident skeptic, yep. Oy. Sexy young woman going by her last name -- "Ryder" -- chasing those UFOs. History of "Nat Geo" (name changed from what no doubt was perceived as stodgy stale National Geographic; have to have things brighter faster and spiiffier) being generally skeptical in these areas. The positive thing about this is that James Fox is one of the "chasers" so that has me feeling better. We'll see. <a href="">Meet the Chasers Pictures - Chasing UFOs - National Geographic Channel</a>

Gobekli and Baltic Sea Mysteries on C2C

Gobekli and Baltic Sea Mysteries tonight with Linda Moultan Howe on C2C