Thursday, July 26, 2012

'Chasing UFOs' Stars Blast Their Own Show [EXCLUSIVE]

Lee Speigel for the Huffington Post on the criticism backlash concerning Chasing UFOs:'Chasing UFOs' Stars Blast Their Own Show [EXCLUSIVE]

Many have criticized the program, including UFO researchers. Speigel pulls quotes from mainstream outlets like The Wall Street Journal (!) and L.A. Times, and, of all people, uber-skeptoid and, oddly enough, highly misogynistic (but that's another story) Robert Sheaffer.

I don't expect the producers of the show to get it, and the inclusion of their quotes are to be expected in this context. Mainstream media doesn't get it, and Speigel caters to them because they're big time. But quoting a debunker like Sheaffer?

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