Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Binnall of America Season Six: Brad Steiger, Whitley Streiber

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The long and winding road that has been BoA:Audio, Season Six reaches its destination as the incomparable Brad Steiger returns to the program for our Season Finale. Over the course of this remarkable conversation we'll discuss WWII table tipping, how the Internet has changed the paranormal, 2012 and apocolyptic thinking, ancient civilizations, the Hollow Earth, and parallel species living on Earth (i.e. elementals), the UFO phenomenon and Ufology, Long John Nebel, Aleister Crowley, paranormal research in the 1960's, and the state of the world as we roll through 2012.

It's a truly is an episode for the ages as Brad Steiger makes his long awaited return to BoA:Audio and helps us close out Season Six in style.

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