Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Interstellar Housewife: Paratopia Magazine: Preview

Deidre O'Lavery reviews Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman's new Paratopia magazine preview: The Interstellar Housewife: Paratopia Magazine: Preview Deirdre comments:
 Paratopia pulls no punches with this puppy, building ever further on their case against hypnotic regression as a useful tool for abduction research and the lack of accountability by it's major players, namely Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs.

The Priests of High Strangeness, Carol Rainey's article on her close experiences with Budd Hopkins and his alien abduction research, starts things off -- and let me tell you, it's quite a powerful piece. If it doesn't get more of you looking at this area of Ufology with a more skeptical eye, I'm not sure anything will.

I agree with O'Lavery; Carol Rainey's The Priests of High Strangeness is an excellent article that has already ticked off many... as they did with Emma Woods, who labeled her as "crazy," "unbalanced" "trouble maker" and worse, attacks have begun on Rainey: "jilted," "scorned woman," and so on. Rainey was married to Budd Hopkins, close friend of David Jacobs and UFO researcher in his own right. She discusses many individual cases researched by Hopkins, and herself, during their marriage, and there is much there about the role of researcher, and the researcher/witness dynamic.

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