Saturday, October 2, 2010


At long last, I saw Sy Fy's Sharktopus. I wasn't able to watch it the night it aired; had to record it and was finally able to watch it last night.

Sharktopus, produced by the great Roger Corman. Acted to camp perfection by Eric Roberts. Great theme song by the Cheetah Whores, and best of all, the monster Sharktopus.

For those of you wanting to know what the plot was -- does it matter? Monster, genetically engineered creature that becomes a killing machine monster: part octopus, part shark. Designed for the miltary, the creature goes horribly awry, and kills, kills, kills. Sharktopus attacks bikini clad beach babes with abandon. Best of all, Sharktopus walks on land! It growls like a grizzly bear,  it's head blows up. Best lines: "No, not like this!" followed by "Nicole, go over and get your mojo working." Of course, there's always the classic: "Damn you, Sharktopus!"

Oh, there are nit picky issues, like, a tendriled giagantic creature being able to walk on land being impossible, for example. But when it comes to movies like this, who cares about stuff like that?

Sharktopus is silly, and campy, and ridiculous. It's predictable, and reeks of TV style movie making all the way. It has all the elements of sci fi movies: military/big business vs. mad scientist, "homely" girl genius and he-man also genius maverick, crazy silly monster, lots of people getting eaten by the monster, etc.  And it's great fun.

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